Paul Roos Defends Jaeger O’Meara Trade

Some perspective needed

Paul Roos Defends Jaeger O’Meara Trade

Paul Roos has defended the trade Hawthorn did in the off-season to get Jaeger O’Meara ahead of the Hawks' game against Melbourne today.

Speaking on the Sunday Rub, Roosy said that some perspective was needed.

Listen to the audio here:

“There’s been a bit of criticism to Hawthorn about the pick,” Roosy said.

“They didn’t know what the pick was gonna be, and we’re still yet to know what the pick’s gonna be — at the moment I think it’s pick two to St Kilda.

“To be fair to Hawthorn, I saw this kid play when he was ineligible to play for seniors… he’s a star.”

Roosy said that it’s impossible to judge the trade this early.

“It’s gonna take another 12 months, it’s gonna take another pre-season,” he said.

“It’s gonna take another block of fitness , it’s gonna take some games.

“So we won’t know how successful this trade’s been until the end of next year.

“Not the end of this year, but the end of next year, and I still hold great hope. This kid, if he gets back to the way he was, he was an absolute jet.”