Paul Roos On What Alastair Clarkson Must Ask Hawthorn's Leadership Group

"I think the first step for Clarko..."

Paul Roos On What Alastair Clarkson Must Ask Hawthorn's Leadership Group

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Paul Roos has said Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson must ask his leadership group whether they want to persist with their uncontested possession style of play that has been so good for them.

The Hawks have been "belted" on the outside in their first three games, culminating in an 86-point loss to Gold Coast.

One of the trademarks of their game has been uncontested marks, but the Hawks, after ranking first in the league for uncontested mark differential last season, rank 14th this season.

Roos told Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie the Hawks don't have a plan B when they don't take uncontested marks.

"Their brand has been really solid for the last half a dozen years, but it's all been based on that kicking and possession game," he said on Triple M.

"Their uncontested marks - when they drop to really low levels, they've got nothing.

"They haven't been a great contested ball team for the last couple of years, but at least they've put pressure on."

Roos said Clarkson must ask the question on whether Hawthorn need to consider a new style.

"If I was 'Clarko', the concern at the moment is where do you start to rebuild this team?" he said.

"Do you want to continue with that theme of uncontested marks? They did it against Adelaide for three quarters, but they just can't sustain it for four quarters.

"If they get into a foot race, they get belted."

He said Clarkson must speak to the leadership group about whether they need to overhaul their game plan.

"I think the first step for 'Clarko' is to sit down with his leadership group and say boys, how do we want to play now?" he asked. "Do we want to be a hard, tough team? Do we want to be (focusing on) uncontested marks? 

"I think that's the first conversation they have to have, because at the moment, they just can't sustain that uncontested marking game that's been so, so good for them for so long."