Paul Roos: One "Absolutely Staggering" Issue With China Trip

"It's ridiculous"

Paul Roos: One "Absolutely Staggering" Issue With China Trip

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Paul Roos has hit out at the decision for Gold Coast's players to fly economy class to China, calling it "ridiculous".

Gold Coast coach Rodney Eade joined Triple M and was vocal about the issues in getting to China to play Port Adelaide.

“Not many players are in business and exit rows and that sort of thing,” he told Triple M.

“That’s probably more my concern."

Roos backed it up on the Sunday Rub, saying the players deserve to be flown business class, given they are professional athletes and it is their job.

"We've just heard an AFL senior coach saying his team is going on a 20-hour trip," he said.

"There are players that are flying economy. I'd find that absolutely staggering.

"Whether there's a block of money that Gold Coast have been given (and) it's up to them, I don't know. But I cannot believe that you're going to be asked to fly that distance and expected to be a professional athlete and play, and fly economy.

"This group of players are going to perform what they're paid to's ridiculous."

Wayne Carey backed him up.

"How many times do you reckon LeBron (James) has flown economy?" he laughed.