Roos: Coaches Having No Say In Rule Changes Is 'Ridiculous'

"Get the coaches involved"

Roos: Coaches Having No Say In Rule Changes Is 'Ridiculous' AFLCA

Triple M Footy’s Paul Roos says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that the AFL’s 18 coaches have no say in potential rule changes to the game. 

The former Fitzroy and Sydney superstar told Triple M’s Rush Hour that the coaches see better than anyone else the impact rule changes have and that their input would be invaluable. 

“My criticism is – get the coaches involved because the coaches can see the ramifications on game day,” Roos said during The Midweek Rub on Wednesday. 

“A lot of the changes in the rules over the last 10 years, I’m sure the people that have changed the rules have had no idea what the ramifications are. 

“The people that just say, ‘Well OK, they’re the rules, how do we play the game based on those rules?’, are the coaches.

“They’re the ones you need to ask, ‘Well, if we do ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’, what will you do to counter it? What do you think the game looks like?’

“The fact that you don’t engage them is quite ridiculous.”