Paul Roos Suggests He Has Been Helping An AFL Senior Coach

Roosy lends a hand

Paul Roos Suggests He Has Been Helping An AFL Senior Coach

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Paul Roos has suggested on ‘The Rub’ this afternoon that he has been in contact with Fremantle senior coach Ross Lyon. 

The coach of the struggling Dockers reached out to his former superior from when he was an assistant at Sydney through the mid-2000s.

When asked about what advice Roos had to offer Lyon, the Sydney premiership coach made it clear that he did not want to be specific to the Fremantle team and it was more broad coaching advice.

“I’m very careful not to be very specific about his team," he said.

Roos and Lyon have a close relationship and commends Lyon for reaching out and finding an external opinion. 

“I’m not inside the Fremantle Football Club, but Ross and I have worked together and he knows what I value and I know what he values.

“I think (Lyon) may be just getting someone from outside the club just to give a little bit of a opinion on what they think."

Roos quickly snuffed out any suggestion that his advice had anything to do with the Dockers upset win over reigning premiers Western Bulldogs last night. 

“He knows how to coach, I don’t pretend to be able to take any credit whatsoever for what they did last night.”

Roos sees no harm in outsourcing for coaching advice and suggests it is hard to talk to fellow senior coaches of other clubs, so he embraced being approached as an experienced senior coach recently out of the game.