Paul Roos Throws His Support Behind A Former Coach To Get Another Crack

"His record is as good as anyone."

Paul Roos Throws His Support Behind A Former Coach To Get Another Crack (Image: Getty)

Triple M's Paul Roos has thrown support behind premiership coach Mark Williams, saying bad timing is the reason he's still not coaching at AFL level.

Williams was last a head coach at AFL level in 2010 after leaving Port Adelaide, and left Richmond last year to coach Ajax in the VAFA.

The boys on the Sunday Rub were discussing Brad Scott's tenure at North Melbourne when Roos brought up an article Williams wrote earlier in the year.

He said "timing is everything" if you want to be a career senior coach, which is the thing Williams lacked.

"There was a great article that Mark Williams wrote...talking about timing in coaching," he said. 

"There's no doubt, had 'Choco' Williams left the year before that he got the flick at Port, he would have got another job. And would Port have been more successful quicker? Potentially.

"His intention around the article was absolutely accurate. Timing is everything. Both for a football club and a senior coach."

Roos said that timing is the only reason Williams is not coaching at AFL level, saying he is still good enough to do it.

"Apart from 'Clarko' who's won the four premierships...his record is as good as anyone," he said.

"His timing was probably the worst in the AFL, and he hasn't been able to get a job, which is an indictment on the system, because he should be coaching, or he should have at least got another crack at coaching."