Pauline Hanson’s Awkward Footy Tweet

Pick a team Pauline!

Pauline Hanson’s Awkward Footy Tweet

An awkwardly funny tweet has surfaced from Pauline Hanson’s last trip to Melbourne.

The red-headed firebrand made an appearance at last year’s Dreamtime at the G game, dropping in on a corporate box to check out our great game — although it’s not entirely clear if she knew the people involved or simply gatecrashed.

In fact, she might have even been photoshopped in:


Adding to the awkward look of the tweet is the fact that she’s run both teams’ hashtags, Richmond’s #gotiges and Essendon’s #DonTheSash.

A further layer of weirdness is that she’s asking who’s there — maybe she met up with some voters for a couple of pots in the Bullring Bar at half time?