Port Adelaide Releases Official Statement Regarding 'Banner Incident'

The saga continues

Port Adelaide Releases Official Statement Regarding 'Banner Incident'

(Image: Port Adelaide)

Following a confusing incident on the weekend before the Essendon v Port Adelaide clash at Etihad Stadium, the Power cheer squad and now club have responded.

The Port Adelaide Cheer Squad took to Facebook after the game to explain why they were so late to get out onto the ground - causing their team to stand in the tunnel while they set up.

The crew blamed Essendon for their tardiness:


And now, the club has also joined the conversation expressing their support for their team.

Here is what it reads on the Power club website:

Port Adelaide Statement: Cheer Squad

The Port Adelaide Football Club wishes to reiterate its support for the Port Adelaide Cheer Squad following a delayed banner incident prior to Saturday night’s game against Essendon.

The club understands the Cheer Squad was delayed from erecting the club’s run-through banner as Essendon was still undertaking its warm-up on the field.

The Cheer Squad then proceeded onto the ground to erect the run-through banner under instructions from an AFL official, as is the usual procedure.

Keith Thomas, Port Adelaide chief executive

Our Cheer Squad is passionate and highly professional in the way they undertake their duties for the club, and has been so for over a decade under the leadership of Ian Wilson.

The Cheer Squad has our full support and we are proud of the way they conduct themselves.

We have requested information from the stadium as to why the delay occurred on Saturday night, but it is our understanding that circumstances on the field at the time prevented them from undertaking their duties at the time required.