Ricciuto Responds To Hutchy's Claims

"Better just be a little bit careful"

Ricciuto Responds To Hutchy's Claims

This morning, Triple M Adelaide received an email from listener, Elaine:

“Roo, wondering how you feel about Craig Hutchison 'sledging' you on Classified Footy by suggesting you may have talked to your Foxtel co commentators to get their assistance by making comments on Josh Jenkins not being worth $750,000 to help you out in your negotiations…”

Roo responded on this morning's show:

"It’s very believable that I would do that… but anyone who knows Wayne Carey and a lot of people do (go and speak to anyone at North Melbourne), and they will tell you that Wayne Carey says what Wayne Carey wants to say, he doesn’t get told what to say. 

He’s a strong man, he has his own opinions, like he had his opinion of Sam Mitchell, that he wouldn’t get a game at other sides and other players he talks about. 

People don’t put words into Duck’s mouth. 

David King talks about a lot of players in his role at Fox Footy, he’s the analyser, he backs up all his comments with stats. 

Hutchy, if you are accusing me, you better just be a little bit careful... 

I’ll make this very, very clear. Josh Jenkins is doing a fantastic job at Adelaide, he's improved rapidly ever since he came to the club. Not just in the last 12 months but in the last few years and I love what he’s doing at the Adelaide Football Club and I would love him to stay and I reckon he’s doing an awesome job. 

For anyone out there who thinks I’ve got beef with Josh Jenkins, they are wrong. They need to know what the facts are before they just listen to things that are going on in the media."