Rodney Eade Slams The Logistics Of Getting To China

Big headaches for the Suns

Rodney Eade Slams The Logistics Of Getting To China

Gold Coast coach Rodney Eade has slammed the logistical difficulties involved in getting to China ahead of the Suns' match against Port Adelaide in Shanghai next week.

The club isn't able to get a direct flight from the Gold Coast to Shanghai, and some of the players will be forced to be in transit for nearly an entire day.

Eade was vocal about the logistical issues the club was facing in an appearance on The Sunday Rub today.

“I have to do the political line don’t I, that no we’re looking forward to it,” he said when asked if he was looking forward to the trip to China.

“It’s great for the game we’re able to go and play for points away and that sort of thing, just you can’t get a direct flight there.

“By the time we leave here, catch a bus to Brisbane and be there a couple of hours early, it’ll be about 20 hours, 21 hours by the time we get there.”

Player comfort during the trip will also be an issue, with a lot of them having to make the trip in economy class.

“Not many players are in business and exit rows and that sort of thing,” Eade said.

“That’s probably more my concern, the preparation of the players, and then coming back as well even though we’ve got the bye next week.”

Eade said that the conditions will also mean changes to the playing personnel for the Suns.

“That smog you talk about, hopefully there’s no respiratory problems,” he said.

“We won’t take any players that have got asthma or have got respiratory problems.”

The Sunday Rub boys were astonished by the magnitude of the issues facing the Suns.

“So you’ve got players flying economy to China, you’re telling me?” Howie asked

“I’m telling you exactly right, yes,” Eade responded.

“That is ridiculous,” Paul Roos said.

“I can’t believe there’s even a game on based on what Rocket said then.”

Listen to the full chat with Rodney Eade here.