Roo On Dangerfield Suspension: "You Shouldn't Be Ineligible For The Brownlow For That"

"That's Bad Luck"

Roo On Dangerfield Suspension: "You Shouldn't Be Ineligible For The Brownlow For That"

The footy world is all talking about one thing right now: the one game suspension handed down to potential back-to-back Brownlow Medallist Patrick Dangerfield.

Dangerfield was handed a suspension for his tackle on Matthew Kreuzer that gave the Carlton ruckman concussion, leaving him ineligible for this season’s Brownlow Medal.

Speaking on Triple M Adelaide this morning, 2003 Brownlow Medallist Mark Ricciuto thought the week suspension was fair, however he didn’t think it should cost Dangerfield the chance at winning another Brownlow Medal.

“I don’t mind him getting a game this time around for the tackle,” Roo said on Triple M this morning.

“What I don’t like is the fact that you’re ineligible for the Brownlow.

“The Brownlow is the best and fairest player in the competition - you are still a fair player, in my eyes and in 99 percent of peoples eyes I would think, if you commit a tackle or have bad luck in an incident.

“You shouldn’t be ineligible for the Brownlow for bad luck or an accident.”

Roo recited a similar incident to Dangerfield’s that saw him cop a suspension for his actions, leaving him also ineligible for another Brownlow Medal.

“When you pin the arms of a player and take them to the ground, sometimes nothing goes wrong and sometimes something does go wrong,” Roo told Triple M Adelaide.

“I got suspended for it once…you go to hit them in the chest and if they trip and their head moves a foot in a millisecond.

“You’re not trying to break their jaw but sometimes you do.

“You shouldn’t be ineligible for a Brownlow for that - that’s bad luck

“I don not believe in losing a Brownlow for bad luck.”