Sam Jacobs Addresses The Rumours Surrounding Jake Lever

'I'm gonna put that to bed'

Sam Jacobs Addresses The Rumours Surrounding Jake Lever Image: Getty

Adelaide ruckman Sam Jacobs is co-hosting The Rush Hour in Adelaide with Rhett Biglands while Andrew Jarman and Dale Lewis are on holiday, and big Sauce took the opportunity to address some of the rumours currently surrounding Jake Lever.

The defender has told Adelaide that he wants a trade to Melbourne, which has kicked off speculation about the Crows’ and Lever’s conduct.

Jacobs first addressed the rumour that skipper Taylor Walker had messaged Lever and warned him off coming to the best and fairest.

Listen to Sauce Jacobs address the Lever rumours here:

“No he didn’t [tell Lever not to come]. I’m gonna put that to bed,” Sauce said.

“Lever obviously decided to leave the club previously before the B&F, on the Tuesday afternoon it came out, and then there was a discussion had between Lever and the club just about how the B&F looks.

“I think both parties decided that it was a celebration of the B&F… they thought it might be best fit if he didn’t attend.”


Sauce said that a lot of the Adelaide players are still mates with Lever.

“He’s still friends with the boys and all that sort of stuff,” he said.

“On Tuesday morning he rang all the guys and let everyone know his intentions which is great by him first of all.

“He still attended a day on Tuesday last week and we were able to have a celebration with him then.”

Jacobs also spoke about the footage of Lever dumping rubbish at a tip that was said to be his unneeded Crows paraphernalia.

“It got alleged it was his Crows gear but I don’t think there’s any proof of that,” Sauce said.

“There was proof that he was at the tip, he is moving house… he was at the tip, it was him, he was dumping stuff off, but as we know he’s moving to Melbourne, Melbourne the city.”

Jacobs said he laughed off the story.

“I think it’s laughable to be honest,” he said.

“I was actually at the tip that day dropping some lawn clippings off and no one filmed me!”

Jacobs also scoffed at rumours the best and fairest voting was rigged to make Lever’s finish worse.

“It’s crazy to think that sort of stuff goes on,” Sauce said.

“If you look at the top 10 list, we had guys really worthy of their position, and the thing that gets forgotten is that Lever actually missed five games during the year.”