Sam Mitchell Speaks About Missing Clash With Hawthorn

Frustrated Eagle to miss this week

Sam Mitchell Speaks About Missing Clash With Hawthorn

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West Coast midfielder Sam Mitchell has voiced his frustration on missing this week with an ankle injury.

There is extra significance on missing this week as Mitchell is missing the first clash with his old side Hawthorn since becoming an Eagle. 

The veteran injured his ankle in the second quarter of last Thursday night against Sydney at Domain Stadium. 

“No one is more upset than me,” Mitchell said on AFL 360 tonight.

Discussing his injury he claims he was determined to get on the park, but had to withdraw himself from the line-up. 

“I was a bit scratchy for a couple of days and then for a couple of days I was pretty hopeful. There was a bit of upside. I was able to run on an Alter-G machine quite comfortably.

“But once I got out onto the ground today … Normally you get to that point where you think ‘yeah I can convince the Doc here. I can word him up and try,’ but I couldn’t even get close enough to look him in the eye and tell him I could contribute.

“I had to pull the pin myself,” he said. 

Mitchell was hopeful of sitting in the coaches box for his own coaching education, but will stay located in Perth after being advised that travel would only aggravate the injury further.

The 2012 Brownlow medalist revealed that he had been helping his Eagles teammates this week with the intel he had from his days at Hawthorn.

“On an individual basis, (I help) players that know they may have an individual match-up, strengths and weaknesses and what they like and don’t like that much … Being able to help on that individual basis."

The Hawks will host the Eagles on Sunday afternoon at the MCG.