Scott Pendlebury Under Injury Cloud

Look away now Pies fans!

Scott Pendlebury Under Injury Cloud

Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury looks to be in a bit of trouble with a left foot injury.

The star midfielder hobbled off at the start of the third quarter and was escorted down the race with club medical staff. 

He momentarily returned to the field, but has since returned to the rooms again with medical staff. 


Triple M's Kate McCarthy provided an update earlier from the boundary. 

"I think it was his left foot. He took his boot off and headed straight down to the rooms," McCarthy said.

"He's got tape on his left ankle now. He's looking pretty ginger, guys. That left foot's not looking great.

"I doubt we'll see him for the rest of the night," she said. 

This would be a massive blow for the Pies who have had plenty of injury troubles in recent times. 

More to come. 

LATEST: Scott Pendlebury will not return tonight.