Shane Warne Reveals His Grand Final Tip

"I've got a funny feeling"

Shane Warne Reveals His Grand Final Tip (Image: Triple M)

Shane Warne has a funny, funny feeling it'll be a Port Adelaide/Richmond grand final.

He joined Triple M's Rush Hour with Jars and Louie and told, although he thinks the Crows and Swans are the best sides in it, he just has an inkling on what the grand final may look like.

"I think Adelaide and Sydney look the two best sides, it was a great game last Friday night," he said.

"I've got a funny feeling that Richmond and Port Adelaide (will make it), though."

He talked up Port Adelaide's variety of match winners such as Robbie Gray and Chad Wingard.

"I think if Port Adelaide fire, they've got a lot of match winners," he told Triple M.

"When you look at the sides and you say 'righto, who are the match winners?' I think Geelong have got Dangerfield, Swans have Buddy Franklin, the best player in the comp at the moment and he's finding a bit of form. It's tough to go past them.

"But I think with Port Adelaide, they've got a few. Robbie Gray, they've got some big forwards that are doing pretty well, Wingard's doing well. So I think Port Adelaide could...I think if they could finish in the top four they could really do it, Port Adelaide.

"I have to go for a Victorian side, so I have to go for Richmond."

That was Warnie's heart talking, though: he still believes Adelaide and Sydney is the most logical choice.

"That's my heart. With my head I'll probably go Adelaide and Sydney," he said.