Shaun Higgins Stretchered Off After Bump

Worrying scenes

Shaun Higgins Stretchered Off After Bump Image: Channel 7


North Melbourne midfielder Shaun Higgins has had to be stretchered off Etihad Stadium after a clash with Hawthorn’s Ryan Burton.

Higgins was running through the centre of the field and got blindsided by a Burton bump.

Higgins appeared to be knocked out immediately and was stretchered off by the medicart after a lengthy stoppage.

Watch vision of the clash here:


North Melbourne has since posted an update on Higgins' condition:



Triple M’s commentary team suggested Burton may be in match review strife from the bump.

“The discussion’s going to be what could have he done, he almost looked apologetic,” Wayne Carey said.

“It almost looked like he was trying to get out of the way.”

Paul Roos suggested he might see sanction however.

“We know it’s outcome-focused,” he said.

“There was absolutely no malice…but when you choose to bump, you know that you’re in trouble.”