Simon Goodwin Gives An Update On Angus Brayshaw’s Concussion Recovery

'We won’t be taking any risks'

Simon Goodwin Gives An Update On Angus Brayshaw’s Concussion Recovery

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has given an update on concussion-prone midfielder Angus Brayshaw’s condition today.

Brayshaw copped a knock to the head in the VFL last week and was concussed, his fourth concussion in the last year.

Speaking to the Sunday Rub, Goodwin said that the Dees will work closely with Brayshaw to figure out the best course of action to get him back on the park.

“Obviously it’s shattering for Angus because he’s been through a similar situation last year,” Goodwin said.

“With concussion it’s really important that you put the right steps in place, and we’re gonna really tailor Angus’s program to get him back to playing, both from a technical football perspective, a confidence perspective, and also making sure the concussion’s cleared.”

Goodwin confirmed Brayshaw won’t be rushed back.

“How long that takes, it might be three weeks, might be four, might be five, it could be eight,” he said.

“But we’re taking a week by week approach and I know Angus is very positive about getting back and playing some really strong footy at the back end of the year.”

Goodwin said there isn’t a timeframe in mind for Brayshaw’s return.

“There’s no set timeline of how long he’ll be out for, it really is a week by week (proposition),” he said.

“You’d say it’s gonna be a minimum of three weeks, he’s gonna be back in the club tomorrow, and back doing some running and building himself back up slowly.

“But we won’t be taking any risks, we’re gonna build him up slowly, we’re gonna put him in a rehab program that builds his neck strength up which they think is a really important part to dealing with concussion, and also tailoring his footy program accordingly.”

Goodwin said that the head knocks have affected Brayshaw’s confidence.

“It’s natural that you’re gonna lose some form of confidence in the game,” Goodwin said.

“He’s had four or five head knocks where he’s suffered concussion, so it’s a natural reaction to lose some confidence.

“Our responsibility as a club is to help Angus build that confidence back up, and that comes through training and getting back out there.”

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