Simon Goodwin Gives An Update On Jesse Hogan

"He's in a really good headspace"

Simon Goodwin Gives An Update On Jesse Hogan

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has given an update on key forward Jesse Hogan, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer this week.

Goodwin appeared on the Sunday Rub and said that Hogan is doing well.

“Obviously he (Hogan) has gone through a fair bit, but he’s had his operation, he’s recovering really well and he’ll head back to Perth for four or five days next week before he comes back to the footy club,” Goodwin said.

“He’s in a really good headspace, he’s positive about what he’s been through and he’s looking forward getting back to the club and the end of next week.”

Hogan was diagnosed last Thursday ahead of Melbourne’s rousing away win over Adelaide.

Because the diagnosis came so early, Hogan is expected to make a full recovery with no chemotherapy needed.

He may be able to return to the field within four to eight weeks.

The five-year survival rate for men diagnosed with the cancer Hogan has is 98%.