St Kilda Bizarrely Delay First Bounce Against Melbourne


St Kilda Bizarrely Delay First Bounce Against Melbourne

St Kilda has delayed the first bounce of their match against Melbourne at Etihad Stadium by a minute in a bizarre fashion today.

The Saints appeared to have not realised that the match started at 4:35 and only ran through their banner at 4:33.

In the meantime, the stadium had played the Saints’ club song three times.

The delay caused confusion in the Triple M box, with Brian Taylor quick to notice it.

“It’s only 90 seconds until the ball is due to be bounced,” he said.

“St Kilda have not gone through the banner yet.”

The umpires were quick to try and force a start.

“Look at the umpire, look at ‘Razor’ Ray (Chamberlain), in the middle of the St Kilda players there. He’s saying come on, you’ve got to go straight out to your positions,” BT said.

“Razor Ray has actually gone into the banner area where they run through, gone into the middle of them and said let’s get on with it… [Ray Chamberlain has] gone back over to them again, he’s pointed the finger at them and he’s ready to let go with the hammer.

“They may well bounce it before the Saints get out there.”

James Brayshaw was similarly amazed. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

“Razor Ray just grabbed the (bench) manager there and had a chat in his ear on the way off.”

Neroli Meadows was observing from the boundary and confirmed Razor Ray were keen to get the game moving.

“He looks pretty agitated, BT,” she said.

The commentators were generally in agreement that the Saints will cop a fine.

“The AFL officials don’t look too happy at all, so we’ll try and find out if they’re looking at a bit of a fine,” Meadows said.

“It’ll be some kind of fine for them, no doubt about it,” Brian Taylor agreed.