St Kilda Has Signed A Pet Membership Sponsor


St Kilda Has Signed A Pet Membership Sponsor Image: Pixabay

St Kilda has signed dog food manufacturer Eukanuba as its pet membership sponsor.

The Saints said that Eukanuba — which they describe as a “super premium dog nutrition brand” — will come on board from next year to sponsor pet memberships.

“Eukanuba centres around a philosophy of fuelling performance, which is something we really identify with here at the Saints,” Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer Christine Finnegan said.

“We also know that a lot of our members lead very active lifestyles with pets in tow, so it’s great to have a sponsor on board that values all our members and their furry friends.”

The Saints are holding an open training session this Friday the 15th of December, which they say is “to introduce Eukanuba™ to the St Kilda faithful”.

Fans are encouraged to bring their pets, with some giveaways on offer.