Stevo On Josh Schache's Next Contract With Brisbane

"It's great to see some loyalty."

Stevo On Josh Schache's Next Contract With Brisbane

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Mark Steven has said it's "great to see some loyalty" with Josh Schache's re-signing with Brisbane.

Stevo admitted in the pre-game coverage of Sydney/Western Bulldogs that most of the media had resigned to Schache leaving the Lions at the end of the season.

He said it was great to see a player stick with his side.

"Massive news, and it came from left-field, I think most of us in the media had almost written him off," he said.

"I know that Gil McLachlan called the Lions and said 'well done'.

"(It's) fantastic news, and a great feather in the cap for Chris Fagan, David Noble and the team up in Brisbane."

Stevo believes Schache's contract with Brisbane is likely "not huge".

"He's staying probably for $350,000, which is not huge, plus incentives," he said.

"It's great to see some loyalty. He didn't just chase the cash."