The Cats Have Copped An 'Extraordinary' Reception

'This is extraordinary down here.'

The Cats Have Copped An 'Extraordinary' Reception (Image: Triple M)

"I don't think there's a louder group of supporters than in Melbourne than the Richmond supporters," Chris Judd said around 10 minutes before the bounce.

It certainly prefaced what was to come, as the Cats copped one heck of a booing from the Tigers faithful as they ran out.

"Listen to that!" Darce said.

Howie said it was "extraordinary'.

"Nate, you said you reckon it was 75% Tigers. The Cats booed as they run into the 'G!" he said.

Neroli Meadows said it was merciless from the boundary.

"It is extraordinary out here, Howie!" she said.

"They've just been booed mercilessly running out here."

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