The Early Grand Final Weather Forecast Is In

'People coming along could be mindful.'

The Early Grand Final Weather Forecast Is In (Image: Getty)

The Bureau of Meteorology has released an early weather forecast for next Saturday's grand final between Adelaide and Richmond, with wind looking like the biggest danger at this stage.

The day is forecast to hit 16 degrees at this early stage - though that may change, of course.

A shower or two is forecast, with a 60% chance of rain, though not a hugely significant amount.

The wind looks like it'll cause the most concern, with westerly winds expected to sit around 25 to 40 km/h.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Stuart Coombs was most worried about the wind.

"The wind in general (will be) favouring the Punt Road end, but obviously with a high stand it does tend to swirl around quite a bit and probably gusting to 30-35kmh at times, so it might make some of those shots at goal from the pockets a little tricky," he told

He also said there was the chance of a shower for Friday's grand final parade, with similar conditions expected.

"It's more likely that we won't see anything during the parade, but people coming along could be mindful that there might be a shower, maybe just take a poncho with you in case," he said.