The Friday Huddle Crew Have Their Say On The Gary Ablett Situation

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The Friday Huddle Crew Have Their Say On The Gary Ablett Situation

The Friday Huddle crew have all had their on Gary Ablett’s interview on the Footy Show last night.

Chris Judd had some sympathy for Ablett’s position as a champion player who’d changed clubs.

“To be honest firstly I think there’s been a heap made of his form,” Juddy said.

“In reality it was just one poor game. I think in reality he’ll have plenty of good footy left in him this year, but it doesn’t sound like he’s keen to hang around on the Gold Coast next year.”

Luke Darcy feels that Gold Coast need to get real about the situation.

“I think you’ve gotta face facts as a footy club, when you’ve got someone in your environment that’s not happy, and he is a genuinely unhappy player at the moment… if you’ve got someone who genuinely doesn’t want to be there, you’re foolish to think that they are an asset to your club,” Darce said.

“He is one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. If he wants out of that football club they should be facilitating it.”

“What he did at the start of his tenure up there was remarkable — I think he played the best individual season just about the game has ever seen… it’s not as though he hasn’t been committed.

“The environment of this football club has not been a good environment and he needs to get out and they should help him do it at the end of the year.”

Nathan Brown thought that Ablett’s interview set a poor example for the kids at the Suns.

“As a team mate, If I was a young kid watching that last night, I’d feel that disheartened about my former captain, a player that they probably idolised that his heart’s not really in it,“ Browny said. 

“Yes a few years ago he was unbelievable and committed and he played great football but it doesn’t seem that way now.

“You hear out of the club that he wasn’t gonna paly until his shoulder was completely fixed or completely 100% and a lot of people probably would have played with that shoulder — he chose not to.

“I think it’s just a build up of things, if I were a team mate of his I’d be feeling pretty disheartened right now looking at the next 20 weeks knowing we’ve been belted in the first two rounds.”

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