The Melbourne Demons Cheese Platter Man Breaks His Silence


The Melbourne Demons Cheese Platter Man Breaks His Silence Image: Twitter

The man who boldly produced a cheese platter while sitting in the MCC for yesterday's game between Melbourne and St Kilda has finally spoken out.

After images of the hero were shared across every major news service over the weekend, Triple M's Will & MJ managed to snare the coveted interview with the footy food trailblazer.

The Demons supporter Ned explained what was included in the feed.

“There was a bit of a smorgasbord,” he explained.

“Some semi-sundried tomatoes. Some green olives. Some de Beaux - French blue cheese. Avocado, french baguettes.

“We did actually have smoked trout in the bag that we didn’t want to take out. Thought it might be a bit smelly.”

There was speculation as to how he managed to sneak in a metal knife - but he made clear there was no foul play.

“It was a metal knife, but it was just like a butter knife. It wasn’t a pointy affair or a sharp knife or anything," Ned said.

When asked if he thought the cheese platter played up the stereotype of Demons supporters across Melbourne, he also explained that he was very comfortable with the notion.

“Well, you know, if a Melbourne Demons supporter is a stereotype of someone who enjoys the good things in life and has a refined palate then so be it," he laughed.

"I’ll take that - and I would that Melbourne supporters would identify with that.”

Listen to the full chat here: