The Rock's Heartfelt Message To AFL Star's Sick Younger Brother

"I'm pulling for ya, man"

The Rock's Heartfelt Message To AFL Star's Sick Younger Brother

(Image: Instagram)

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has posted a heartfelt message to Tommy Hanley, the 15-year-old younger brother of AFL players Pearce and Cian.

Tommy is battling stage four cancer, which will see Pearce take an extended leave from new club Gold Coast in order to spend time with him.

And he's got some support form The Rock, who posted this video on Instagram.

"To a kid named Tommy Hanley," he said. 

"Tommy, you're 15 years old and I'm talking to you, buddy. You're in Ireland. You're a massive fan of mine which I appreciate that, I think it's so cool, it's so inspiring. I also hear you also have stage four cancer, and you're in the fight of your life.

"I'm told I have to remind you to eat to give you strength. You have to rest to give you strength. I'm told you have family coming in from Miami, Brisbane, London they are going to be by your side during the holidays."


Johnson's message was retweeted by both brothers.

"I was also told that at 11 months old, you were a foster child and this family took you in, and just last week, you wanted to change your name from O'Connor to Hanley, in honour of this family. In honour of your family.

"I'm pulling for you man, I appreciate you being a fan, happy holidays and merry Christmas Tommy, stay strong," he said.