Things Get Tense Between Kane Cornes and Tex Walker

Bit in this!

Things Get Tense Between Kane Cornes and Tex Walker

Things got a little tense between Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker and Kane Cornes on The Sunday Footy Show today.

During an interview with Walker, host Tony Jones showed tweets directed at Kane Cornes from the star forward regarding his negative stance in the media.


Tex described the tweets as just a bit of fun but expressed his discontent for Cornes’ negativity.

 “All a bit of fun, but not a big fan of players that come out of the game and don’t have a positive spin on the game, because we all love the game of footy,” he said.

“I always look at the positives, pretty glass half-full so I would like to keep it that way.”

Tony Jones then asked if the two could grab a coffee and settle their differences.

“A coffee inside a boxing ring or something like that,” Tex said with a smile.

After the interview ended, Cornes gave a bit back to the star forward.

“Tex will clearly end up in the media, does a good in that space so at some point he is going to be critical of players,” Cornes said.

“In 5-10 years, let’s keep Tex accountable and make sure there’s no negativity coming out of his mouth.”