"This Is Where The AFL Are As Weak As Water!"

"Take control of it!"

"This Is Where The AFL Are As Weak As Water!"

(Image: Channel 7)

Ken 'KG' Cunningham and Andrew Jarman have hit out at the AFL and the match review panel for not stamping down on jumper punches.

Jars was asked by some kids at a footy clinic if they could jumper punch, and it was eye opening for him.

"The AFL - in terms of the match review panel being weak as water not suspending people for jumper punches," he said on Triple M's Dead Set Legends in Adelaide.

"One of the greats in football, Luke Hodge last night...went berserk."

KG agreed.

"This is an outstanding issue, Jars, because if we’re hearing year 2s say it, it’s sending the wrong message to our young kids," he said.

"This is where the AFL are as weak as water!

"It's like the sledging, but the jumper punch is disgraceful. They are weak - it's their code and their responsibility.

"Take control of it!"