Three Magpies Sidelined After Richmond Loss

Injury blows.

Three Magpies Sidelined After Richmond Loss Image: Getty

Injury has struck the Magpies, with three players ruled out ahead of their clash with Brisbane.

James Aish, Ben Reid and Brayden Maynard will all miss the clash with a variety of injuries sustained against Richmond.

Aish's injury is the most severe, with the midfielder to spend a month in a knee brace before a reassessment thanks to a PCL concern.

“He will be braced for four weeks. We will have our doctors and surgeons reassess that at the end of the four-week period to see if we get a good result," Collingwood GM of football Geoff Walsh said.

"If that’s the case, we will continue with that conservative approach for his rehab."

Reid and Maynard are also considered one to two week concerns after injuring their Achilles and ankle respectively.

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