Toby Greene Sees Psychologist In Wake Of Suspension

Still proclaims he is innocent

Toby Greene Sees Psychologist In Wake Of Suspension

GWS small forward Toby Greene says he has been working with the club psychologist after being suspended for two matches against the Bulldogs in Round 6. 

The All-Australain forward says the club psychologist has helped him become more aware of his actions on the field. 

“I’ve done a little bit with our psychologist here at the club, Rosie. We’ve had a few little chats about things I can put in place and how to become more aware of situations," he told Fox Sports. 

“It’s given me a better understanding of myself and how I think on the field — things like that, which play a part.”

It was widely received that Greene's attempted spoil on Bulldogs youngster Caleb Daniel warranted the two match penalty, however Greene is still adamant that his late hit was not a cheap shot. 

“I stuffed up in hitting him in the head, but I can say truthfully that I wasn’t trying to do what I did,” Greene said.

“I was trying to punch the ball. I one hundred per cent didn’t try to punch him in the head... I tried to punch the ball.”

Greene claims he and the Giants considered challenging the penalty but did not want to risk missing three matches.

“We were pretty close to challenging it, but missing three weeks of footy was why we didn’t.

“It looks bad in slow motion. I think I deserved a week because I hit him in the head, but I don’t think it deserved to be graded as intentional.”

Greene was enjoying a very promising start to the season kicking 20 goals in the first six rounds, also averaging 18 disposals a game. 

He returns to the Giants line-up to face Richmond this Saturday at Spotless Stadium.