Two Geelong Veterans Farewell The Crowd At Kardinia Park

"I think we're seeing a final farewell."

Two Geelong Veterans Farewell The Crowd At Kardinia Park

Geelong premiership teammates Andrew Mackie and Tom Lonergan have announced their retirement.

The two confirmed the news that they would hang up the boots to Channel 7 post-match after they were spotted farewelling the crowd after their win over GWS.

Triple M's Wayne Schwass spotted Geelong veterans Tom Lonergan and Andrew Mackie giving a "final farewell" to the crowd at Kardinia Park.

"We're just watching and Tom Lonergan and Andrew Mackie," he said.

"I'm not sure there's been any formal announcements and anything from either player, but they've got kids trailing them there. You would suspect boys, just watching what's happening, both Tommy Lonergan and Andrew Mackie are walking along the outer wing towards half forward at the Barwon River end."

Geelong confirmed on Twitter the game was "likely to be their last game in Geelong".

"They're making a point of waving goodbye to all of the fans that have stayed behind. So we could be seeing the final games from those two at Simonds Stadium.

"I think we're seeing a final farewell here, guys."

Mackie confirmed the news to Channel 7 after the game.

“Obviously we don’t know the draw,” he said.

“At the end of the year ‘Domsy' and I are finishing up.”

Lonergan said they’d kept the news under wraps.

“We let them know just after the game,” he said.