Warren Tredrea On The One Big Issue Port Adelaide Needs To Fix

"That cannot be tolerated."

Warren Tredrea On The One Big Issue Port Adelaide Needs To Fix

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Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredrea has suggested the Power need to fix the gap between the best and their worst if they want to play well this year.

Tredrea, speaking on Triple M Footy's pre-game coverage, said the Power have played good footy but cost themselves too often by fading out of the match.

"They're not delivering anywhere near their best," he said.

"Their difference between their good and their bad is too big. It has been for the last two years.

"One thing in particular is no fade outs...they're really good (in) the first quarter, then they let 10-15 minutes of football undo everything, where they just don't own the football or have it in their hands at any stage and they concede multiple goals.

"That cannot be tolerated. It hasn't been tolerated in Port Adelaide's history."

Tredrea tried to explain what makes Port Adelaide lose momentum.

"I think it's mindset more than anything," he suggested.

"When they're attacking and they're all going well and everything's going their way, they jsut keep doing it. but they don't sense - or they probably do sense - but they continue to attack when they're under pressure. it just doesn't work.

"Look at Hawthorn...they execute when they're under pressure, they pick the right target. Port starts to get a little bit too cute, they take too many risks and it hurts them on the scoreboard.

Dale Lewis agreed with Tredrea on Hawthorn setting the standard of playing under pressure.

"They've been the masters of tempo footy," he said.