Wayne Carey And Paul Roos Disagree Over The Pre-Finals Bye

"I think the opinion is valid, but..."

Wayne Carey And Paul Roos Disagree Over The Pre-Finals Bye (Image: Getty)

Triple M's Wayne Carey and Paul Roos couldn't agree over the pre-finals bye, with Duck defending it from Roos, who wants it scrapped.

Roos believes it takes too much advantage away from the top four.

"There’s no doubt that the bye suits the top eight and takes away some of the advantage of the top four. Unequivocally," he said on Triple M's Sunday Rub.

Duck agreed that it took the advantage away, but didn't believe that to be a bad thing.

“I 100% agree that it takes the absolute advantage out of the top four,” he said.

"That’s why we have a top eight. It gives every team a chance of winning the premiership

He also said the players are all for it.

"The players love the bye. The Port Adelaide players, Bruce McAvaney caught up and had dinner with four or five of them the other week, they all said the bye (is) the best thing ever. The players love it," he said.

“The players that are sore and going into a finals campaign love it…Joel Selwood is absolutely loving it. (Orazio) Fantasia is loving it.

“If the bye didn’t happen last year and the Bulldogs go over to Perth, five of those players don’t play and they get flogged, and the quality of the game is putrid. We had quality football, quality finals."

Roos disagreed, believing if a player gets injured, he gets injured. 

“No, because my view is it’s a war of attrition. My view is the season’s a war of attrition,” he said.  

“I think the opinion is valid, but come out and say if (you’re) the AFL, we don’t really care about the top four.

“My argument would be, as the coaches are, it's a war of attrition, it's 23 weeks. With all due respect, if Joel gets injured, he gets injured. And I agree with you, I'd rather see Joel play, but part of getting to these finals and part of winning finals is a war of attrition."