Wayne Carey Bites Back At Brent Harvey's Book

"It's sensationalism"

Wayne Carey Bites Back At Brent Harvey's Book

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Wayne Carey has bitten back at some of Brent Harvey's comments in his new book over the Anthony Stevens saga.

Harvey, whose book Boomer will be released next week, was highly critical of Carey, suggesting he wouldn't have continued playing if Carey had stayed at North Melbourne.

"I had no idea about what was actually going to be in there," Carey said on the Sunday Rub.

"It's just terribly sad to think that Boomer, who is a decorated player, has to sensationalise things in a book that clearly have never happened."

Carey shut down suggestions third parties were paid 'hush money' by the club to protect him.

"There has never ever been a payment from the football club on my behalf to any third party, ever," he stated.

"If that's the biggest thing in the book, everyone's read it now, why would you buy the book?

"It must be a pretty boring book."

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