Wayne Carey: "He's Just Gone Way, Way Over The Top"

He addressed the Tom Bugg hit.

Wayne Carey: "He's Just Gone Way, Way Over The Top"

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Wayne Carey has labelled Tom Bugg a "boofhead" for his Callum Mills hit last night, saying he went "way, way too far".

Bugg was involved in a scuffle with Mills early in last night's clash between Melbourne and Sydney when he punched Mills in the jaw, leaving him concussed.

It was slammed by plenty of Sydney players.

Carey agreed with them.

"What we see from afar, and this smart alecy, treading that fine line attitude has been building," he said. 

"We know about the tweet, and all of that - and that necessarily wasn't a big factor for me, given that they were mates - but still, it's treading that fine line, it’s still not really team-orientated stuff, is it?"

Duck suggested a Bugg suspension might have been coming.

"It’s just been teetering on the edge for him," he said.

"He’s very niggly in a lot of games and he’s just gone way, way over the top on the weekend. You're right - the big occasion might have gone straight to his boofhead.

"Clearly this year Melbourne has played right on the edge, we've seen Jesse Hogan, we've seen Jordan Lewis be suspended already.

"What Bugg did has jumped clean over the line.

"It's a brain fade, he snapped and he'll cop his right whack."