Wayne Carey: I'd Like To See Extra Time

"It adds to the excitement."

Wayne Carey: I'd Like To See Extra Time

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Triple M's Wayne Carey says he'd like to see games go to extra time to determine a winner.

The Pies and Crows played out another draw, 15.13 (103) to 16.7 (103), with a Mitch McGovern goal after the siren seeing them lock up.

The Crows, remarkably, came from 50 points down.

Carey told Paul Roos straight after the game he would have loved extra time.

"I'd like to see extra time played now, Roosy," he said after Triple M's call.

"I really would. I think you can get rid of the draws now.

"I'd like a result. I just think it adds to the excitement."

Nathan Brown agreed.

"I'd like to see extra time, and after extra time I'd like to see a kick-off," he said.

Roos had another idea: not blowing the siren at all until there's a result.

"Let's say McGovern doesn't mark that ball after the siren...time keeper just lets the clock go," he proposed.

"So no one actually knows the game's finished. And then the next score wins the game."