Wayne Carey Responds To Paul Roos' Big Comments On Sydney

"If they don't win a flag..."

Wayne Carey Responds To Paul Roos' Big Comments On Sydney

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Wayne Carey has agreed with Paul Roos that Sydney is paying a price for recruiting Lance Franklin and Kurt Tippett.

Paul Roos suggested Sydney lacks depth due to the big contracts offered to Franklin and Tippett.

Duck said on the Saturday Rub Sydney has a heap of young talent, but also said the experiment will be "a failure" if they can't deliver Sydney a flag.

"To me, I've always said: if they don't win a flag having gone under Buddy and Tippett, then to me, the experiment's been a failure," he said on Triple M.

"Not a failure for Buddy as an individual because I don't think he could have given any more. All-Australian, played terrific footy.

"The Kurt Tippett one because of injury and a little bit of form, has been probably a failure."

Duck said Shane Mumford, Nick Malceski and Tom Mitchell weren't stars, but it shows the downside of their recruitment.

"They've lost Mumford, they've lost Malceski, and probably Mitchell. They're the three that stand out," he said.

"Are they superstars? I wouldn't say so, I don't think they've lost a lot. What they have lost is money to engage or attract other players to the footy club.

"I do agree with Roos: if they don't win a flag it's a failure."