Wayne Carey’s Bali Meeting With Glenn Archer

Duck and Arch bury the hatchet.

Wayne Carey’s Bali Meeting With Glenn Archer

Wayne Carey has spoken openly on Triple M's Winter Breakfast about his catch-up with his former teammate Glenn Archer in Bali.

The meeting came ahead of this weekend’s 20-year North Melbourne premiership reunion.

“It was a chance meeting, that we were both in Bali. I was actually walking down the street with little Charlotte. Probably going to get my 31st Nasi Goring, I was averaging two a day,” Duck joked.

“Someone said ‘I think I just saw Arch’ and it just so happened that I was with Ricky O (Ricky Olarenshaw) and Paul Licuria and we had our families and we were sitting around having a beautiful lunch,” he told Mark Howard.

“I just got a message (from Archer) saying let’s catch up and we did. It was great. Had a good chat, went over a lot of things and spoke about the reunion coming up, and said how we want to make that a special day for everyone.”

“Arch and I have spoken 150-times over the last 15 years but not in that sort of depth.”

“Clearly a lot of water has gone under the bridge. I think it was honest and frank, and laughs, and all sorts of stuff.”

“It was all positive and I just can’t wait to get there and celebrate on Saturday.”