Wayne Carey Says Brendon Goddard Is “Cooked”

On the Saturday Rub

Wayne Carey Says Brendon Goddard Is “Cooked” Image: AAP

Triple M Footy special comments man — and footy legend — Wayne Carey says that Essendon veteran is Brendon Goddard is “cooked”.

Speaking on the Saturday Rub, Duck said that it was time for the 333 gamer should hang up the boots at the end of the season.


“He was a passenger last night (against Richmond),” Duck said.

“And look, we’ve all paid poor games, and I’m judging Brendon on the amount of times I’ve watched Essendon play live… I think it’s about seven, seven or eight games live.

“And out of those seven or eight games I reckon Brendon’s played two really good ones and the others I think he’s been wanting a little bit… [as an] outside looking in, I think he’s cooked.”

Things then got a bit awkward in the ad break when BJ himself walked in to chat to Duck!


Awkward stuff!

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