Wayne Carey Spots Something Cheeky From Jesse Hogan


Wayne Carey Spots Something Cheeky From Jesse Hogan (Image: Getty)

Melbourne star Jesse Hogan is making his return from a broken collarbone against Brisbane.

The 22-year-old has missed just three weeks with the injury, and has his shoulder strapped.

But, as Wayne Carey spotted, he might have deliberately strapped the wrong one.

"Well, Jesse Hogan had a broken left collarbone," Duck said on the Sunday Rub.

"Left collarbone. He's put some tape on the right one!

"The old switcheroonie! The old Maxwell Smart trickster."


Hogan has previously had his right shoulder strapped earlier in the season, but it could just be something sneaky from the Dees star.

Western Bulldogs midfielder Lin Jong cheekily did something similar last season in the VFL grand final, taping up his left shoulder after breaking his right collarbone a few weeks prior.