Wayne Carey's Big Call On Port Adelaide

"I think that's a load of crap"

Wayne Carey's Big Call On Port Adelaide

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Wayne Carey has said Port Adelaide is "capable" of winning the premiership in 2017.

Carey suggested on the Saturday Rub Port Adelaide were so dominant on Friday night against Carlton, only Adelaide could have beaten them.

Given the closeness of the competition, he thinks they're a chance.

"We did say last night, I think someone said in the broadcast last night, we think they can make the eight, but not win the premiership," he said on Triple M.

"I think that's a load of crap. And the Bulldogs proved that last year, (they) finished seventh and they won the flag.

"Now, because of that bye and the closeness of the competition shows you that if you make the eight and you're at your peak form at the right time of year, you're capable."

Carey said the two best teams in the league - Adelaide and GWS - are the only two teams to topple them.

"They would have beaten any other team, other than Adelaide," he said.

"They got beaten by GWS, the two top teams at the moment in the best form in the comp are the only two teams that have beaten Port.

"I'm saying if they make the eight, I think they can win the premiership."

BT quizzed him on whether Port Adelaide could win the premiership "right now".

"No," he said.

"Because it's April!"

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