Wayne Schwass's "Fundamental Issue" With Josh Schache Story

"I have this fundamental issue..."

Wayne Schwass's "Fundamental Issue" With Josh Schache Story

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Wayne Schwass has said there is a "fundamental issue" with the fact draftees can leave clubs and return home after just two years.

Brisbane young gun Josh Schache is considering a return home to Victoria, which would see him leave the Lions after jsut two years on their list.

Swatta expressed his disappointment on the Sunday Rub.

"I have this fundamental issue with the fact that Josh Schache, a young kid at the end of his second year, can come back home," he said.

He said clubs need to be rewarded for the investment they make in a top pick.

"It's a significant investment by a club to recruit an interstate player to their organisation," he said.

"Happy to be corrected, but I think it's around a $200,000 investment for first-round draft picks, per year. So there's a $400,000 investment (on Schache).

"You give 20 or 30 games to a kid and then he buggers off and comes back home."

He said the AFL needs to do something.

"I think the AFL need to put in a framework that at least allows a club that makes the initial investment a minimum of three, preferably four years to have the kids to see what's possible."