Which Team Has The Most Draft Points This Year?

Who's got the best hand?

Which Team Has The Most Draft Points This Year? (Image: Getty)

Which team holds the strongest hand in this year's draft?

One way to figure that out is via the AFL's draft value index, which allocates points to every single pick to determine their value for bidding on father-son and academy prospects.

From Brisbane's pick one (3000 points) down to Carlton's pick 73 (nine points), every draft pick has a value.

Adding them all up? It's the Lions that have the strongest hand.

They do have pick one, which helps, but are bolstered by pick 15 (1112 points), pick 18 (985 points) and three more picks in the third round.

Fremantle, Carlton and St Kilda all have strong hands, while West Coast does too, trading their way in and holding four picks in the second round.

Richmond's done the same, with the sixth-most points of any club after trading their way up, building necessary points to land father-son prospect Patrick Naish.

Down the other end are Hawthorn, who traded this year's first-round pick for Jaeger O'Meara last year, and Essendon, who gave up plenty to land Jake Stringer, Adam Saad and Devon Smith.

Most draft points in the 2017 draft:

Brisbane - 6134

Fremantle - 5045

Carlton - 4267

St Kilda - 4084

West Coast - 3935

Richmond - 3133

GWS - 2981

North Melbourne - 2950

Collingwood - 2584

Western Bulldogs - 2536

Geelong - 2341

Melbourne - 2077

Sydney - 1983

Gold Coast - 1853

Adelaide - 1714

Port Adelaide - 1011

Hawthorn - 437

Essendon - 371