Wins Per Ladder Position - Finals Week 1 (2000-2017)

Which spot is most successful?

Wins Per Ladder Position - Finals Week 1 (2000-2017) Image credit: AAP

Of all the higher-ranked teams in the first week of the finals, it looks as though Melbourne has the most to worry about in terms of an upset, based on history. 

Under the current top-eight system, which was introduced in 2000, first, second and sixth all have fairly strong records in their respective first-up finals.

So Richmond, West Coast and Sydney can take solace from that.

But fifth and eighth have split their contests down the middle 9-9. That will surely give the Cats an extra lift of confidence heading into the first elimination final against the Demons!


First Qualifying Final head-to-head

First 13, Fourth 5


Second Qualifying Final head-to-head

Second 13, Third 5


First Elimination Final head-to-head

Fifth 9, Eighth 9


Second Elimination Final head-to-head

Sixth 12, Seventh 6