You Won't Believe What Dennis Cometti's Son Does

Five times the size!

You Won't Believe What Dennis Cometti's Son Does

(Image: Twitter)

He's about five times the size of Dennis.

Mark Cometti, best known as Mark Silva or the Outback Silvaback, is a professional wrestler, once contracted with the WWE in 2012 before an unfortunate injury cut his tenure short.

Cometti has appeared in various other promotions since, most recently Outback Championship Wrestling.

He appeared on Dead Set Legends on Saturday morning.

Cometti weighs 150 kg - Brendan Fevola noted his "arms are bigger than [Mark Howard's] body".

"Dad's got a pretty big frame," Cometti said. "The frame's the most important thing."

Mark Howard also noted another similarity between Mark and Dennis.

"You got the voice!" he remarked.

Cometti will be wrestling at the Whitehorse Club on June 24.