Zac Dawson Set To Announce Retirement

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Zac Dawson Set To Announce Retirement

Much maligned Fremantle defender Zac Dawson is set to hang up the boots, according to Dockers coach Ross Lyon.

The 31-year-old has seemingly played his last game in the AFL, after Lyon revealed he had had a heart-to-heart chat with the defender.

"I had a good chat with Zac (on Tuesday), just talking about (things in) general. He's achieved a lot in his AFL career," he said.

"He's played in four grand finals, prelims and all of that.

"He's displaying his character at Peel. He's leading really well and being a big influencer down there, so he's really comfortable.

"He said 'I don't need to validate my career with a farewell game or jump in a car and go around the MCG, it doesn't interest me, it's not how I measure myself' - so he's really comfortable in his own skin."

Lyon admitted it appears unlikely Dawson would add to his 166-game career, with a farewell game ruled out.

"We're not in a position (to play Dawson), we may have to depending on availability," Lyon said. 

"We'd prefer to give Sam Collins an opportunity. Clearly, Zac won't be here next year, so we don't need to chew up an opportunity for the sake of it."