Geelong Doesn’t Expect The Tim Kelly Trade Will Get Done


Geelong Doesn’t Expect The Tim Kelly Trade Will Get Done Image: AAP

Geelong list manager Stephen Wells doesn’t expect that Tim Kelly’s mooted trade to West Coast will get done before tomorrow’s 8:30pm trade deadline.

Kelly has asked for a trade to West Coast to return to Western Australia to be with his wife and four young children.

The 24-year-old’s management have made it clear they won’t entertain a move to Fremantle with Geelong demanding a top 10 pick — a request the Eagles can not currently fulfil.

“Nothing’s changed in regards to Tim,” Wells told reporters

“Our position has been clear all the way from the start of the trade period and at this stage nothing’s changed. No I don’t (expect it to be done) at this stage.

“The deal can be done, but I don’t expect it to be done. (We are) far enough apart that I don’t expect it to get done.

“We’ve got our value that we have on the trade in order for Tim Kelly — a fantastic young player in contract with us, to leave the club.

“And West Coast will have their value on it and at the moment we are not being able to meet in the middle.”

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