Jake Stringer Breaks His Silence


Jake Stringer Breaks His Silence

Jake Stringer has spoken to the media for the first time since it was revealed the Western Bulldogs would be seeking to trade him.

Speaking at the launch of NAB Trade Radio on the AFL website, Stringer revealed that he was "shocked and upset" when told the Bulldogs would be looking to move him on.

"I love all the boys, I love all the members, I love the club," Stringer said.

"I definitely didn't expect it.

"I was just looking forward to putting my head down over preseason and working hard."

When asked by Damien Barrett as to whether he felt he had done everything to the best of his ability at the Dogs, Stringer admitted that he hadn't always done everything right by him or the club.


"I’d be lying if I was sitting up here saying ‘I’ve done everything right in my time (at the Dogs)’," Stringer confirmed.

"I haven’t spoken to Bevo (about those issues), (but) I’ve spoken to (Bulldogs list manager) Jason McCartney.

"Whether it was training, or games, or just a life thing - there's a whole heap of things I could've done better.

"I'm really looking forward to what's next in my life."


Stringer's manager Paul Connors also moved to quash the rumours that his client pushed for a trade, confirming that it was the Bulldogs that were pushing to move Stringer on.

"Jake didn’t seek a trade, but now that it’s got to this stage we need to see it through," Connors confirmed.

"But to be fair to the Bulldogs they spoke to us before they spoke to any other clubs.

"We're not having a go at the Bulldogs."