LeBron James Is About To Face The Fight Of His Life

Is He Even Bothered?

LeBron James Is About To Face The Fight Of His Life

The beast with four heads.

The Dub Nation Dominators.

Call them what you will, this year's Golden State Warriors could pose the biggest threat to LeBron James' push for a 4th Championship ring.

As James prepares for his 8th NBA Finals appearance - and 7th straight - the NBA superstar is far from fussed.

But is it the biggest challenge of his career?

"It's probably up there," he said. "I mean, it's up there."

“I’ve played against four Hall of Famers as well, too, with Manu (Ginobili), Kawhi (Leonard), Tony (Parker) and Timmy D (Tim Duncan) on the same team (San Antonio),” said James,

Licking their wounds after being cleaned up the Cavs, the Warriors retooled in the off-season by adding former Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant.

That made Cleveland-Golden State 3.0 a foregone conclusion.

But the Cavaliers have upgraded their roster too in anticipation of another epic Finals battle.

Last year's series went seven games and produced the first comeback from 3-1 in Finals history as James led Cleveland to their first professional title in sports since 1964.


But this year he'll have to deal with a Warriors' offense turbo-charged by Kevin Durant's sublime abilities on (and off) the ball.

LeBron isn't surprised KD has fitted right in at the Oracle Center.

"You adapt to the style and that’s the same thing that happened to me when I went to Miami."

"He’s one of the most dangerous guys we have in the world already. So it makes it even more dangerous when you equip that talent, that skill with those guys.”

It might not have been another 73-win season for the Warriors, but they're average winning margin of 16.3 games and a 12-0 run in the playoffs will mean James enters another Finals as the underdog.

But James isn't concerned with the odds.

“I only play blackjack in Vegas anyway, so it doesn’t matter,” he said.

“I feel good about our chances,” he said. “Very good.”

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is on Friday at 11 am (AEST) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.