NBA Stars Ditch Facebook For The Playoffs

Social 'Lockout' Gains Favour

NBA Stars Ditch Facebook For The Playoffs

Imagine being one of those people who gives something up for lent. Maybe you already are.

This is a bit like that.

Or not.

NBA stars are increasingly quitting their social media habit for the playoffs.

As the world's biggest basketball league gets down to the business end of things, some of its biggest names are finding they're better off without their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter... and yes, Instagram accounts.

LeBron James kicked it all off several seasons back with the Miami Heat and it's become an annual... ahem... tradition.


Now other players are following in his size 15 footsteps.

Steph Curry's decided his socials are an unnecessary distraction too, moreso after losing the Championship to LeBron and the Cavs last season.

"When you're really trying to zone in and keep your focus, you don't want to have any unnecessary distractions during this point of the season," Curry said. "We have goals to accomplish, and you want to make sure you're giving your all."

So how do stars get messages out to their fans via their accounts if they've deleted Snapchat off their home screens?

Curry says he's got a way of posting without logging in.

For some that'll mean an assistant or an agent doing the social legwork.

But is Steph a copycat?

"I didn't do it because he did it," Curry said. "It's just a way to help me keep my focus on what's important."